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The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Passion Side Hustles (Part Three) Manage Your Time via Automation and Systems

The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Passion Side Hustles (Part Three): Manage Your Time via Automation and Systems

Are you a mother who is juggling both work and motherhood? You are not alone. It is not a new issue anymore that women are busier and juggling more things than their partners. To sustain our livelihood, we are expected to both work and take care of the household, while at the same time, still look good. Sigh… well, we got to look good to feel good, right?

Anyway, one solution to juggling all that runs our life successfully is by learning how to manage your time via automation and systems. These are powerful tools that adding one more ingredient to your life, such as a passion side hustle, will be more manageable.

This is part three of our ultimate 2021 guide to passion side hustles. This is made for side hustlers, with tips for working mothers. In case you missed it, you may read part one and part two here.

Tips on How to Manage Your Time

First things first. Let’s see how else can we manage our time organically. Here are some tips:

1. Focus on your day job during working hours.

Don’t work on your passion side hustles while you are at work because it will affect your productivity and efficiency to your number one source of income. Arrive on time, work on your day job during working hours and leave on time.

You may check your emails, respond to phone calls and messages during your lunch breaks instead. This will help you have a clear conscience and a clear mind at the same time.

Multi-tasking is not recommended!

2. Family time is family time.

The same thing goes when it comes to your family time. Allocate a time for your family and be in the moment. You don’t want to lose the chance of witnessing milestones because you are looking at your phone all the time.

This is not the time to look at your social media either. Remove the unnecessary distractions, cook meals, give advice and help your children with their homework. Don’t make them feel neglected – after all, you are still their mother and they are your priorities.

3. Set your boundaries.

The best tip for working mothers is to set your boundaries. If you are at home, make sure your day job does not disturb you.

When you are in the zone and working on your passion side hustles, remember to inform your family that this is important for you and they can respect and support you by giving you the time and the mental space.

It will be helpful to get a family calendar you can post at home. There you can post the meal plan, grocery day, other family tasks as well as your passion side hustle time to remind everyone of their responsibilities.

How to Start Automation and Systems with Your Passion Side Hustles

Let’s admit it. There are repetitive tasks in our passion side hustles, household chores, and a full-time job that we wish we don’t have to do ever again, or if there’s a way to make it easier and faster with a press of a button, why not?

Here is a list of things you can start automating in your passion side hustle:

1. Getting customers.

How do you take your customers on a journey once they landed on your website or media content? First is lead generation and the other is nurturing.

Lead generation refers to stimulating the interest in your products and services. If it is from an article in your blog, then make sure that SEO is in place. Then once they are exploring your website, collect their information and keep them hooked with a freebie by signing up for your newsletter.

The second phase is lead nurturing until they purchase your products and services. It can be a form of education engagement, promotional based on their needs and webinars.

If your customers are happy with the benefits they are getting from your business, they’ll definitely click that add to cart button and proceed to check out.

2. Email marketing.

You can automate newsletters for your new subscribers. This is still a part of lead nurturing since this target customers are already interested in your product or service.

You just have to type the emails in batch and schedule when will they receive it. Every email must offer value and must include a call to action.

3. Social media content.

You can schedule your social media content posts a year in advance so you don’t have to ever think about it again. You can either use Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, or Tailwind to schedule your social media content at the best time.

4. Internal and client communication.

Automating responses is now possible with Facebook and Instagram. If you get a recurring question, you may want to prepare an SOP so all you need to do is copy and paste the responses.

Why not create an operations manual yourself? This will save a lot of time, effort and braincells as you work on your side hustles.

5. Anything related to finances.

In the beginning of this chapter of starting a business, you are also required to work as the accountant, and it may be tempting to take care of the invoicing and billing right away.

My tip for working mothers is to pick a day (say Monday) to take care of the admin and accounts tasks that include sending out invoices and billing clients. There are apps out there where you only need to send out the link, where clients get the invoice, pay the bill and get the receipt.

In starting a business or a passion side hustle, it is important that we get the best results out of our 24 hours in one day. Learning how to manage your time using automation and a system can save you a lot of time and make you more effective in all the roles that you are juggling.

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