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Branding vs Marketing - What's the Difference

Branding vs Marketing – What’s the Difference?

In starting a business, it is essential that you have a clear understanding between branding and marketing. Both are important and must be implemented right to make sure that you are paving your way to the success of your business.

Branding vs Marketing? Which one should you focus on first? What’s the difference between the two? There are a lot of misconceptions about the two and some often interchange their meanings.

The effect of marketing is short-term, but branding? Branding is forever!

Story Time!

(As featured on my Passion Hustles Workbook)

I was one of the founding members of Lapis sa Kalye – Hindi ito ang normal mong nababasa, a writing community in the Philippines. It has helped me developed my writing skills, and put me into the radar of Philippine local writers as we published books and even got it into the bookstore.

As I matured in the writing scene, I realized that my style isn’t fitting anymore with its branding. Lapis sa Kalye’s priority is writing in Tagalog. While, I, at that time is getting more comfortable writing in English. The priority genre of Lapis sa Kalye was political while I found myself falling in love with the romance, adventure and mystery genre.

It was a difficult decision to leave because I already gathered a fanbase through this community. But I did and started my own writing community called 8Letters with my partner, Marigold Uy. Needless to say, it thrived! Because I was more comfortable with our own skin, the branding, I attracted like-minded individuals and together, we would be present in the biggest bookfairs in the country and have held countless of self-publishing workshops. It was the best decision ever.

What is Branding? Why is it Important in Starting a Business?

I used to think that branding only consists of a logo and color schemes, but branding goes deeper than that.

It contains your mission, values, your core principles. It is what inspired you to build your business.

Branding also refers to the uniqueness of your products and services. How is it different from other brands and how is it helping people?

It also refers to the culture of your company, and how your audiences perceive your business when they heard your name.

What do people feel when they think about your business?

In short, branding shapes your business. Branding is what keeps people loyal to your business. Branding is more of a long-term approach.

In starting a business, your brand must come first before you think about your marketing strategies.

Because how can you market your a brand you haven’t even started yet?

No matter where your business goes, as it continues to grow and evolve, you will always have to define, redefine and improve your brand. That is how you foster a meaningful relationship with your customers.

How About Marketing? What is Marketing? How Does Marketing Help a Business?

Marketing refers to any promotional activities your business is doing to reach your target audiences. These are the tools you utilize to deliver the message of your brand.

It can be any kind of online and offline methods such as SEO, social media marketing, using print campaigns, mobile marketing, or channels such as television or radio.

Marketing strategies change, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the target of the company. Thus, as you can see, the engagement is only for a short time. It’s the branding that make them stick to it.

Branding vs Marketing? You need both!

Do you need help in defining your branding? We are offering Personal Branding Consultancy for only PHP 970. This includes:

  • 2x 1-hour sessions
  • Proposed marketing strategy

While if you need help with your marketing strategies, we can also create a marketing plan and even the marketing content from social media graphics to SEO-friendly articles.

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