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Ang Pinoy My Life as an Author and Entrepreneur

Ang Pinoy: My Life as an Author and Entrepreneur

I got featured in Ang Pinoy, where we talked about my life as an author and entrepreneur. If you want to get to know me personally, hear me talk about my experiences and adventures in this industry, watch the below episode.

Some quotes from this session are:

If you want to survive corporate life, keep on looking for that good company you can grow with. Don’t settle especially if you’re still young.

On the other hand, you also have to learn and avoid being stubborn.

Your company does not count the good things you’ve done – they recognize the mistakes so you better level up your game.

How to prepare for the life what you want:

It took me five years to prepare for the life that I want. Here are the things I did for preparation:

  1. Keeping my financials in shape: saving for emergency fund plus fund for the ideal life you prefer.
  2. Experimentation on the side: everything is a prototype. You will only know if the ideal life you’re imagining in your head is workable or not is if you try them out.
  3. Educate myself as much as possible with the necessary skills such as communication skills and confidence.
  4. Widen your network.

I also mentioned the mistakes when I was starting a business, what I look forward to, and my future plans. It was a great talk with an amazing host, Ms. Jaycel asking the best questions that brought out my years’ experiences in starting a business and leading a creative life.

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