Exceptional Wanders

I grew up in a small town south of Manila. My life then was simple, routinely from work and home. My parents are not avid travelers that the number of times I have been to the beach in my childhood years are not more than the number of my fingers (in my right hand). Imagine, a Filipino who can’t even swim or bike. The idea of traveling only comes from adventure books I borrowed from the library. Looking back, I wouldn’t have thought that I would be starting my own business in experiential travel but, well, here we are right now, swimming against the currents.

Honestly speaking, I have always been an introvert ambitious (shouldn’t we all?).

The cut-out words our pre-school teacher had posted on the wall “Reach for the moon because even if you fall short, you will still land among the stars”, were engraved into my head, a philosophy I brought with me through the years. Business-wise, I have always explored the art of selling while pursuing my 9 – 5 office job, through fried breads, self-published books, second-hand items, jewelries, self-designed courses, and many more, and though, a big percentage of them failed, there is always something new to learn – things I wouldn’t have learned inside the classroom walls.

National Park in Georgia
While in Armenia

Growing up with having only enough made me appreciate the gift of travel that taught me so many great things about the world and the people. I am also grateful to my parents who taught me sufficiency and resilience while keeping my feet on the ground. I have seen places beyond my imagination and for sure, there are a lot more to be discovered and explored that as I type these words, I remain thrilled.

Amidst the constant threat of political instability and global pandemic, let me leave you with words by Vadim Zeland:

“The feeling of uncertainty and fear can disappear in action”.

Thus the only solution I can think of in this very troubled times is to constantly move forward towards my dream, nevertheless.

Jeti-Oguz Canyon, Kyrgyzstan

My vision through Exceptional Wanders is to continue exploring the world, and at the same time, inspire and help fellow travelers to continue moving forward and experience the best there is.

The future may be vague but if we’re well-prepared with enough courage and optimism, the worst thing that can happen is we land among the stars.

Join me in this journey!

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