Finding Happiness in Traveling

There are three essential keys to happiness: Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for. These words rang true to me and so, in my quest for joy, I make sure that I have these three.

Something to do‘ pertains to the stuff that you enjoy doing. It is not just about your hobbies, but more of finding your sense of purpose or the reason why you live. Having a role means power, which of course, comes with responsibility. We are not talking about having a burden, because you find pleasure in doing these things that you are willing to be accountable for it. It can be your career or the passion projects that you do on weeknights or weekends.

Someone to love‘ can be your family, friends, your neighbors or your special someone. Whoever they may be, it is essential to express your love towards them. You cannot love someone just by saying it – it has to be shown through your actions.

Something to hope for‘ is what you want to happen in the future. It refers to those that you look forward to happening either soon or for the years to come. Everybody got goals, and in my case, I have a bucket list of places I would like to go to. I am that person who believes that life is not meant to be lived in one place – one has to keep exploring!

Although it is my mission to tick these places off my list, I want to make sure going to these destination serves my pursuit of happiness. This is how I take care of myself, therefore I have to do it the right way. Shall you decide to pursue a life well-traveled, remember to do it not because of other people but because you want to do it for your self. Doing so will grant you a sense of accomplishment, pride, and love for yourself.

There are three essential keys to happiness: Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.

But how do you start planning for your trip?

1. You have first to believe that you deserve this break.

You don’t have to be exhausted to decide that you need it. Having a break is an essential part of living, also because there are so many benefits to it aside from freshening up your mind, body, and soul.  When these three are adequately rested, you will be more effective in your daily works, and you can get a new perspective in life.

2. Who and Where?

Choose a destination that you are thrilled to visit. You can start by making a list and depending on your resources, prioritize it accordingly. Having a travel buddy is optional and also depends on the place that you will be visiting. If this is your first time to go to a far-away place, it will be best to have someone who can get lost with you. Some destinations are meant to be traveled with someone for safety reasons, but if you are confident enough that you’ll do great going solo, by all means, proceed.

3. Work out the details!

Imagine your dream holiday – how does it look like? For the accommodation, choose the one that you are comfortable with; you know, a bed that your soul will thank you for. While looking for options, read online reviews and get recommendations from friends and family members who have been. For the activities, are you the type who enjoys a hectic schedule or would you rather relax more? Or perhaps you prefer to strike a balance in between going active and chilling? Whatever you prefer, I recommend experiencing what you haven’t done before. I am not a fan of rollercoasters, but I once said yes to a ten-inversion rollercoaster in Guangzhou. Plan for the details but don’t be afraid to get lost too!

4. Breathe and be happy!

You become the best version of yourself when you are on a holiday/ travel mood. You wear your best clothes, and you are in your best attitude. Your mind opens up to possibilities, and the adventurous version of you comes out. You can meet new people, exchange stories and ideas. Not only will you learn about your surroundings, but also discover new things about yourself you didn’t think you were capable of before you start the journey.

Traveling changes you; either you become a better person or otherwise.

Traveling changes you; either you become a better person or otherwise. In the end, it’s your choice. Every after vacation, I would feel reborn, and despite the hangover, I would try my best to hold on to the special feeling. It is impossible to keep that ‘new version’ of you because life inevitably happens with problems popping here and there, that sometimes a week later, you may find yourself once again in a hole. If that happens, think of the good things – besides, you can always plan for the next adventure!

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