How Do I Know If I Should Follow My Passion

How Do You Know If You Should Follow Your Passion?

Do you believe in the saying, “Follow your heart wherever it may lead you, and you’ll never regret a thing”? We hear this all the time, and sometimes, in the middle of a stressful job you don’t really enjoy, you’d wish that you can quit this job right now and spend the rest of your life doing what you love – things you’re passionate about.

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We’ve watched people who have done and succeeded in their passion, and it’s inspiring. Some people got to sing on stage and became so popular that they got millions of fans screaming their names. Others who recorded videos of themselves painting a fantastic picture have gone viral, that you’d find their works in the museums.

But what is the promise that you’ll end up like your idols if you stop doing the practical thing right now and pursue something that can’t guarantee your future yet? Should you follow your passion at all?

It indeed takes a lot of guts to follow your passion. It is a big gamble. These famous people you see right now got the combination of both luck and determination. They invested the much-needed sweat and blood.

The question is what if I don’t get the luck? What if I’m not good enough?

Well, here’s my advice for you:

Not all passion needs to be pursued full time.

Are you sure you want to replace eight hours of work with eight hours of your passion hustles? If you are a budding artist, have you tried painting for the whole day?

It’s easier thought and said than done. Maybe you’re feeling excited and thrilled about a particular project. Or maybe you feel that you don’t spend enough time doing “these hobbies.”

If you’re the type of person, who can focus on things you’re passionate about, then good for you! But keep in mind that not all passion needs to be pursued full time.

Some people can tolerate their hobbies in the weeknights and weekends. Doing it full-time will require a lot of your energy and braincells too. Doing a think you’re passionate about can feel like work too.

You can still follow your passion without the need to go full-time.

Can you make money from your passion?

You need to eat. You need to pay rent. You need to sustain your livelihood.

Of course, it’s up to you if you want to earn money out of your passion. Some of us are happy to do it without getting a financial return because it keeps the soul alive. It can be just a hobby and that’s okay.

While, if you’re going to quit the most practical thing in the world – having a job, make sure that you got something to feed and shelter you.

Don’t quit your full-time job yet.

Before taking the leap, make sure you know where you’re landing into.

You need a safety net so before quitting, make sure you have enough money in your bank. Or why not test your idea first to see if it can support you? Have you got a list of clients? Or the first customers you’ll potentially contact once you focus on this “thing”?

Plenty of planning needs to be put in. You’ll have to speak with people who will probably get affected about this decision. Follow your heart, but don’t do it blindly.

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How Do I Know If I Should Follow My Passion

Keep on improving your skills until you’re ready.

It’s a good thing if you’re contemplating if you should follow your passion because it means you’re thinking about a better life in the future. But there’s no need to rush. Maybe you still want to learn from your job – you can do that while pursuing your passion on the weekends. You can keep on improving your skills until you’re ready.

So, are you ready to follow your passion? Sometimes, there’s no need to take big steps to achieve great results. Keep all your doors open.

You’ll get there!

If ever you’re ready, here’s a free worksheet for you on how to identify your Passion Hustle brand.

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