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How to Know If You Are Passionate in Something

How does an interest become a passion area in your life?

It all started with sparking an interest in you when you heard, watched, read or experienced something about it. Say, for example: holding a book in your hands. This will lead to curiosity where you step forward and read more of it. If on the first page, you don’t enjoy it, you will abandon the idea until the next exciting thing arrives.

Sometimes, even if you don’t enjoy a particular activity, you still continue to do it because of the different factors affecting your behavior. It may be out of necessity; a job for you where you can get benefits by doing it, like in school, you need to read the book because it is part of the curriculum.

Or perhaps you simply want to kill time. Or you are affected by a pressure that since everybody in the society is doing it, you might as well proceed with that path because it makes you feel belonged. Seemed that everyone is reading Twilight, I should read it too or I will get left behind. It does not really matter if that activity brings you joy.

Let’s go back to the first stage: Something sparks your curiosity, then you experience more of it, and suddenly finding yourself enjoying the process of doing it. That’s good news because it becomes a hobby where you dive deeper and spend more time in it. It does not matter what benefits you are getting because it brings a different kind of satisfaction nothing else can give you.

How does passion come in?

This is when you dedicate tons of your time (like a thousand hours or more of your life), knowing it like the back of your hand and innovate it with your own style. If, after a long day, you would choose to still do it, then you, my darling, are called passionate in that area. You are a true master of your craft!

I was five years old when I asked for books as Christmas gifts. I remember how I borrowed books from my neighbors and my mom’s friends. Reading books have opened my eyes and brought me to worlds I never knew existed.

When I was ten years old, I started writing my own stories even if no one was reading it aside from my sister.

When I turned nineteen, I joined writing communities until I started my own publishing company. I have dedicated my life to reading, writing, publishing books and fast forward to now, I have even developed a course to help other writers to self-publish.

My fascination with books turned me into a passionate writer.            

Photo by Andrew Le on Unsplash

Will I become passionate in an area if, in the beginning, I already gave up on it? I have heard a lot of stories where aspiring writers would desire to self-publish their own books, but couldn’t finish a manuscript.

The good news is, they already got the idea. They can envision themselves that one day, they will be signing their books in its launch inviting their friends and family; that they will create a career out of it.

The bad news? They struggle with their fears such as:

  • Maybe I am not worth it.
  • Maybe I’m not good enough.
  • Maybe people won’t like it.

Some even lack the discipline, just waiting until the mood is right.

They become paralyzed resulting in serious procrastination, that they would stop pursuing it anymore.

If you find yourself equipped with so many excuses on why not pursue something, then maybe you have to question yourself if you are really passionate about it. Otherwise, I suggest to stop wasting your time, go back to stage 1, and find something that really interests you.

You can be passionate about taking care of your family, or with cooking, or designing a house, or maybe with numbers. There are a lot of options out there which are not necessarily arts and crafts.

You can’t be passionate about drugs because although it can bring you joy, drugs control you and will not bring you any positive outcome. Beware of such misconceptions.

It is not about having in control with your passion, but rather, you working alongside with it. Collaborating with your passion is the keyword.  

But why do we insist that you must at least be passionate about something?

Because it makes your life worthwhile and it is during these moments that you are able to discover what life has to offer.

Because pursuing a passion will quench thirst, a satisfaction where you will feel peaceful with yourself. If you can find that peace in yourself, then next is experiencing success and happiness.

Shouldn’t we all pursue happiness?

Aside from books, I have been passionate about many things such as the travel industry and teaching creativity. While I was still working in my full-time job, I was already pursuing my passion for more than a decade. I would experiment in my own little ways that will lead to a discovery, an epiphany, an Aha! moment. I’d have experience in what works and what doesn’t.

A big chunk of my time is allocated for encouraging artists in pursuing their passion. It can be from self-publishing their own book to selling their homemade products.

Nowadays, I am in the process of developing a course called Passion Hustle, where I help people make money out of their passion by applying essential business concepts. With today’s weakening economy because of Covid19, a big percentage of the workforce got laid off without any plan B.

People have been relying only on their monthly paychecks. They are only focusing on one cash flow – their monthly income. What is needed in the ever-changing times is being flexible and able to adapt by developing different sources of income. At least two!

The Passion Hustle course includes bite-sized up-to-date information so it is easier to grasp. It comes along with printable worksheets that can help students go through their ideas, develop the concept and turn it into a profitable business.

Whether you are working from home and have time to spare or currently looking for Plan B, this Passion Hustle course is for you. Come and join the free version on Facebook by clicking on this link:

One of the units will focus on Social Entrepreneurship so it is not about making money. With this, I hope I can make a difference by helping others make a difference.

What about you? Do you have a hobby that turned into passion?

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