How to know when to quit your job and pursue freelancing

How to know when to quit your job and pursue freelancing?

Cherrie Balictar was one person who got me over my break-up and pushed me to start writing again. We collaborated on a project at the Greatest Digital Creatives where I launched a course on Social Media Marketing for Authors.

Cherrie shifted in different careers in the past from BPO to teaching. It was in 2015 where Cherrie accepted her first writing gig because she needed the extra money. Check out her full-time hustle now as the founder of the Greatest Digital Creatives.

I met here more than two years ago and we met online where our small press, 8Letters called out for submissions. We loved what she wrote and she then became a part of our book entitled, New Beginnings.

In the podcast, she highlighted that when you create projects, and you found people who have the same interest and passion as you, it gets more inspiring.

“If I was able to inspire you, you did the same thing for me.”

Here are the questions Cherrie answered in our 30-min interview:

  • What made you think that it’s time to quit your job and pursue freelancing?
    – The environment has become toxic for me or maybe I couldn’t handle the politics.
    – My ideals for teaching students of literature don’t coincide with the school policies anymore.

    Advantages of freelancing:
    Flexibility in waking-up hours
    Avoiding traffic
  • What are the biggest hurdles and how did you overcome it?
    Micromanaging: When you’re starting a project, as time goes, you would realize that you really need help and there’s nothing wrong in asking people for help.
  • Have you ever thought of going back to your regular day job?
    Of course, it has crossed my mind especially when I lost 3 clients. But on my case, I wouldn’t exchange it to what I am getting now.

It has been a year since I recorded this podcast and it has become my guide in quitting my job and pursuing my business full-time. I did not quit my job right away – I made sure that I have established the foundation first such as my emergency savings fund, my relationships, my lifestyle. Everything needs to be adjusted including my discipline.

Take the leap but make sure you can see clearly where you’re landing on!

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