How to earn extra money outside your day job
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Online Side Hustle Ideas: How To Earn Extra Money Outside Your Day Job

As the pandemic lingers around, it’s no secret that the side hustle culture continues to emerge in the working industry. With more people trying to earn extra money to cover necessary expenses, what are the things you should consider before diving into this venture? Here are some helpful online side hustle ideas and tips to jumpstart your new journey. 

Why should you consider getting a side hustle?

Reason #1: Multiple Sources of Income

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a full-time employee. Earning extra money and saving it for the rainy days will never go out of style. The beauty of having an online side hustle is that you can control your time. 

Some jobs give you the option to do it on weekends instead of lounging around your bed all day. It’s like a second salary you can allocate outside your usual budget. It can either go to your bank, investments, or even open opportunities to start a new business venture. 

But as enticing as it is, managing multiple sources of income requires intensive time management techniques. We advise you only to accept jobs that can fit your schedule, or else you’ll be part of the employee burnout statistics that are on the rise nowadays. 

Reason #2: Additional Skills & Experience

For some, entering the corporate world meant setting aside the hobbies you’re passionate about. However, you can rediscover these skills if you decide to make money via side jobs.

Once you work on a part-time project, the chances of elevating your hands-on experience are relatively high, and you’ll find yourself improving over time. It’ll offer you a different sense of value outside your typical corporate job. 

Reason #3: Career Shift Opportunities

Starting side hustles from home is the ultimate way to test the waters. If you ever have doubts about where you are career-wise, it’s a smart venture to try without letting go of the securities of your full-time job. 

From tutoring, writing a book, or starting a blog—your options are limitless. The side jobs you’ll take can be output-based, as long as they don’t require a full commitment on your part. 

Once you confirm the self-fulfillment and income stability it can offer, shifting your side hustle into the main hustle won’t be as nerve-wracking you think it is. There are ways on how to succeed with your start-up, and make this side hustles your main hustle in the future.

What are the top Online Side Hustle ideas?

Get Started on Affiliate Marketing

If writing is one of your hidden passions in life, creating a blog is a great way to make money from home. Besides having a way with words, you should also have basic website-building skills. 

The potential income for this side hustle idea ranges from $100 to over $1000, depending on your niche. But don’t mistake it as an easy cash grab because building a blog requires constant content creation, research, SEO technique incorporation, and promotions.

Become a Part-time Social Media Manager

In a digital world, the opportunities to explore your inner tech-savvy are endless. Nowadays, old and new businesses are cramming to announce their presence online to build their brand. And with every need, there comes an opportunity for a side hustler like you. 

As long as you have the deadly combination of copywriting skills, an eye for graphic design, and dedication, wearing the social media manager hat as a side gig is a great source of extra income.  

Sell Books, Arts and Crafts

There’s no money in literature and art? Think again. Starting a side hustle out of your talent is often the first step of elevating your brand value. There are a bottomless of avenues when it comes to exploring the things you love to do. As a matter of fact, selling your services/skills is one of the easiest side hustles to make money from and expand. 

The only limit to writing books or creating art is your creativity. Plus, getting your work out there has never been this easy. You just need to tap the right social channels to promote your work. 


The legality of the side hustle culture can be controversial. However, the best way to get around this is to read your employment contract. Some companies include specific policies like the employee’s obligation to not compete with their employer. But some only require you to inform them about the side hustle you’re trying to do. 

Don’t be intimidated by the business ideas you have in mind. Online side hustles have the capacity to open many opportunities, so the best way to see if it suits you is to try it right away. If it doesn’t, go ahead and try another. Just keep the hustle spirit going!

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