5 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Right Now

5 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Right Now

If you are looking for a new revenue stream at a low cost and without any hassle, selling digital products is a good way to start.

Why? Digital products are selling like hotcakes right now. It is a good way to earn a passive income that hopefully can grow and can replace your job in the long run – because, why not?

Creating a new passive income stream through digital products can be overwhelming, so we made a list of profitable digital products you can sell right now, including where to sell them.

I started selling digital products ten years ago when I self-published my novels. Some worked and some didn’t.

I learned a few tips and tricks along the way, that I started exploring selling other digital products.

What I like about selling digital products is that once you made them, you only have to work on the marketing side so that it continues to sell.

What is a Digital Product?

It is a virtual item that people can buy online. There are great platforms out there that takes care of the payment and allow the customer to download the products instantly.

They might be intangible products but believe it or not, it is now a billion dollars industry and if you haven’t started yet, well, you might be missing out!

Top Selling Digital Products

5 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Right Now

Educational Products

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, creating online courses is for you. If you love baking, you can create a baking 101 course. If you are a professional photographer, you can create a course on photography.

All you need to do is record a video of a how-to and create presentations they can download and study by themselves.

You may also include worksheets, quizzes and other interactive activities to make it more fun and exciting.

Starting from scratch? Create and give away free content. This will gather interest and leads to paid digital products.

Starting a business? Check out my guide to creating a business plan.

You can sell your educational products through Udemy. Or why not create your own website?

Stock Photography

If you love taking pictures and you have a great portfolio, create a passive income stream by uploading them to websites like Shutterstock.

Aside from photos, you can also find platforms where you can upload video footages, music and sound effects.

Individuals and businesses are paying to have licenses to use them. I, myself, as a book designer and website creator, I need to buy graphics and photos I can freely use.

Tip: Use watermarks to protect your digital products.

Membership Sites

If you love to create content, courses, and many other combinable things, you can bundle them all together and produce a membership site.

This is a great approach especially if you have a growing library of amazing content. This is also a way to nurture your community.

People pay subscription fees so they can log in through their customer account. And then they can access all the contents and also interact with other like-minded individuals inside.

Need help in creating membership sites? Passion Hustles can help!


Whether you are an aspiring writer or already a reputable writer, you can start writing books for your targeted audience and sell them on Amazon Kindle or on Gumroad.

To be honest, you don’t have to be a great novelist. You can write books on any topic, but also remember to find your niche.

A great example is Tiffany Aliche who has made a career from writing budget books.

My niche is all about being your own boss, as you can see in the ebooks I am selling. 🙂

Downloadable Prints

Etsy is a home for creatives who love to design!

The good part? It is also home to 46 million audiences who love crafting and DIY projects, and there is a huge demand for anything related to knitting, papercraft, and sewing.

Downloadable prints are best-sellers too, from printable posters to coloring sheets – you name it! Etsy got it!

What do you think of the above? Which one will you start today? If you need any further guidance in selling digital products, let us know! Remember, the perfect time does not exist.

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