How to Start a Gardening Business

How to Start a Gardening Business

This guide is for you if you want to start a gardening business as a side hustle. It is easy to start this business, whether you plan to do this full-time or as a side hustle.

Why Gardening as a Business?

Gardening is a good stress reliever. It gives us a better lift while taking care of the plants and making our outdoor space more beautiful to look at. Many people want to have a lovely garden, but not everyone has the skills for it.

That’s where you come in.

Depending on the resources you have, you may start a small-scale gardening business right in your backyard if you have the gardening skills already. But if you don’t have the expertise yet, you can either invest in a course to get the necessary skills through proper training. There are also a lot of gardening blogs online to choose from.

How to Start a Gardening Business From Home

Like any business, you have to draft your business plan – objective, services offers, financial resources, human resources, suppliers, target customers, and marketing strategies. Let’s have a look at this gardening business plan.

1. Objective:

Every business needs to have an objective to define further what the business is for. This is the state where you envision what your business will be. What is your brand all about? Identify where you are right now and the point where you want to be to develop the strategies.

Here’s a sample objective: To provide excellent and affordable landscaping and garden maintenance in households in the locality.

2.  Services offers

Provide a list of services and prices offered to customers. It could be designing the garden, lawn mowing, pruning hedges, maintaining and cleaning the garden. Check out your competitors and prepare a proper costing of the services you offer by listing all the implements to be used, transportation, and labor costs to be spent to get the services completed. 

Take any opportunity to serve your clients as long as you have the tools and knowledge to complete it.

3.  Financial Resources

How big or small is the business you wish to establish depends on the available funding. If you’re a gardening hobbyist, you probably already have the expertise and knowledge, the transport vehicle to distant customers and suppliers, and the necessary gardening tools, plants, and other landscaping materials. In this case, you are ready to share your expertise and start a small gardening business.

If you do not have the transport vehicle yet, consider using public transport for your transporting needs. Invest in gardening tools and other landscaping materials too.

Of course, do not forget to pay proper taxes and legitimize your services by registering in good agencies that handle your permit to operate a business.

4. Human Resources

Gardening means you have to work using your hands. Ask yourself if you can accomplish the task effectively. Decide if you wish to handle the services yourself or hire someone else to assist you in this job.

Whether you hire a full-time or part-time assistant, it requires you to exercise good human relations and fair labor practices with the person under your employ.

5. Suppliers

You may purchase the necessary materials from a wholesaler or online stores as you start a small-scale gardening business. As you develop into a larger scale, it is better to get an account with a reliable supplier who can give you significant discounts, good credit terms, reliable delivery of goods, and of course, good quality products.

6. Target customers

People who want to have beautiful outdoors but are too busy to care might be one of your potential customers. Nevertheless, you still need to exercise your selling skills to justify your price.

7. Marketing strategies

Marketing in business includes communicating to customers, engaging in activities to be identified in the marketplace as offering the services, satisfying, and ultimately keeping the customers’ loyalty and patronage of our business.

More and more people and using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and YouTube as exposure channels. You can enjoy the benefits of social media exposure as one of the most convenient and cheapest ways of telling your potential customers about your business. You may post blogs showcasing samples of your completed jobs, posting the “before” and “after” photos, and remarkable accomplishments and customer reviews. 

Also, prepare a presentable hard and soft copy of your business portfolio, either way, when you present to potential customers. Ask your customers for feedback about your services if there were concerns that you need to address and improve to win their repeat orders. Always give value to the satisfaction of your clientele.

Tips on Starting a Gardening Business

How to Start a Gardening Business

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  1. Attend garden exhibits and visit garden showrooms, so you will get to know and emulate other gardeners’ best practices and styles.
  2. Keep improving and be updated with the new trends.
  3. Organize your bookings and act immediately.
  4. Garb yourself with the good etiquettes of a service provider. Maintain a good relationship with your customers even with the hard ones.

If gardening is not for you, you may explore other side hustle businesses you can start from home.

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