Are You STILL Waiting for Your Perfect time?

What if I Tell you that

The Perfect Time Does Not Exist

But I will tell you YOU can create YOUR PASSION HUSTLE and become YOUR OWN BOSS!

Repetitive days and feeling soulless for pouring all your time into your day job?

Would you rather have a flexible time and place to work, spend more time in your hobbies or with friends and family?

Is that all life can offer you?

How about quitting your job and becoming your own boss – because your business idea may work?

After all, relying on your day job means relying on one basket of income, and that’s dangerous because your job can fire you anytime!

Sure, your job can provide you the security now, but how about later?

Well, you don’t have to quit right away. Don’t take the leap of faith yet if you don’t know where you’re landing on.

Our philosophy is to have a balanced life – to live a life well-lived; to strike a balance between the practical and still working for your dreams.

A nine-to-five job is not all bad, but boredom and routine can easily kill your soul.

If you don’t, next thing you know, you’re 60, realizing that the only dream you help achieve was your boss’.

But you are more than that! And there is more to life!
Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75.
Benjamin Franklin

There are more things to discover outside your four-walled office!

but first....


Simply put, a passion hustle is a passion project that became your main hustle.

A passion project doesn’t have to remain a side hustle, because you can turn it into a full-time business – oh, there are so many possibilities!

Starting a passion hustle is essential nowadays. Whether you have a full-time job or looking for what’s next in your career. More people are quitting their nine-to-fives. Technology advancements allow them to pursue what they love doing!

Welcome to
Passion Hustles Course!

Here’s a one-stop source for practical business techniques essential for your start-up:

this course is For you if...

Be a Passion Hustler

Are your dreams worth it? Start hustling for your passion-driven dreams today!

What Will You Learn?

Bonus Lessons:

What is the right Passion Hustle for me?

I bet you have questions such as:

How can I plan for my emergency fund so I can quit my job sooner and focus on my business?

How can I transition to a full-time boss? 

How do I ?

The course will help you answer the questions above plus...

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We upload new content every day that helps with your mindset, enhances your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and pivots you in the right direction.

About The Course Designer

Cindy Wong

Cindy Wong Passion Hustler Boss Babe

Cindy Wong has taught over 250 students about starting a business.

She has been pursuing her side hustles since she was ten years old. She made assignments and projects for her classmates. Selling street foods, jewelry, and phone cards have been her side hustles too. Later, she offered insurance policies, wrote articles, and sold secondhand books. From offering services to selling products. You name it!

Cindy has successfully established three local brands that consistently earn revenue, allowing her to finally quit her full-time job.

8Letters Bookstore and Publishing offers indie publishing services writers need. From offering self-publishing courses to editing and printing services.

Passion Hustles supports small businesses by offering website design and development needs.

Exceptional Wanders aims to bring you to your next luxury travel adventure.

Tita’s Lifestyle is an e-commerce site that sells products designed for Titas!

If she’s not hustling, she travels around the world and spends her time with her family and friends.

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.
Timothy Ferriss

I loved the industry I was working in that I would spend long hours in the office without extra pay. My boss was happy with my performance, but somehow, it left me feeling empty inside.

Will I keep on working in this four-walled office until I’m sixty? Am I working all these years to prepare for my retirement? How about now? It eventually led to burnt out – I felt anxious and unsatisfied with how I was spending my life.

I realized I didn’t have enough time doing things and spending time with people that I love. I didn’t even have time for myself. My books were gathering dust, my writing was getting rusty, and my itchy feet are getting itchier. I wanted to read, write, and travel more. But first, I needed to change something.

I started my first side-hustle was 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing. It aims to help aspiring writers to self-publish their works. I have always been passionate about writing and having gone through publishing before, I could help the local scene thrive. Being surrounded by writers myself also ignited my love for words and stories.

It’s been more than five years since I started, and here we are. With three brands under my name, I confidently quitted my job, and now pursuing my passion hustles full time.

Be a Passion Hustler

When you are working for your passion, it does not feel like work.

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What Our Hustlers Say

Passion Project Hustle Course is a thorough that enables me to learn how to turn my ideas into a business at my own pace. The course was based on Cindy's experience.

Cindy is running multiple businesses that she is passionate about. If she can, then we can do it by following her steps too! Of course, given that we are persistent and consistent on our part. 😊😉 By the way, tools and exercises are provided so that we can build upon what we have learned.

Thank you Cindy for creating this amazing online course for fellow aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rona Joyce Wong Owner, Cosie Corner

Passion Hustles was incredible! Each unit helped me to get back on track—one can get lost in all these passion projects, and it took Cindy's lessons for me to gain a more structured approach to working on my projects (the entrep side was a bonus!) Thanks, Cindy!

Maria Criselda Santos Tita Tarot

Cindy Wong's Passion Hustles Course is an easy-to-learn but comprehensive course full of useful worksheets to help you along in pursuing whatever activity you choose to put your heart into. In this time of anxiety and economic instability caused by the pandemic, this is a must have for every creatives out there.

Mayumi Cruz Self-published Author

I've been planning for my small business for a long time. I got the idea and the concept, but still confused on how to put it into the right perspective. Unlike other financial course, Passion Hustle is simple, very informative, and so easy to understand. It gives me a lot of idea and information.

Aileen Jizmundo Corner Lane Shop

    Be a Passion Hustler

    There is no such thing as a perfect timing. "Someday" is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Don't let that happen!