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Time Management Tips for Mothers Who Work from Home

While I was looking for any books for time management, specifically for mothers, I only came across not more than a couple of books on Amazon. The time management books I found are primarily focused on entrepreneurs, forgetting the fact that the busiest of all species is probably a mother running a household while running a business. We need more information on time management for mothers who work from home.

There must be a way to make it easier for mothers. After all, this is now a common sight. I am pregnant as I write these very words and even without the baby yet, and as I run several brands, I am already waking up early and sleeping late.

My brother was ten years old when my mother started her own business, and I saw how she juggled all these with the help of my father and her other daughters (including me).

My mother in law is already in her sixties, runs a farm and a shop and still can raise a grandchild.

I see them making lists, delegating tasks and managing every small details and all I can say is wow.

Both are married with supportive partners and family members.

Time management tips for mothers 4

That being said, I know a lot of women who are having trouble getting things done not because they can’t but because of many other reasons. Not having a supportive partner, a partner who is also a man-baby himself, or simply there are just too much on their plates.

There are many other reasons but we also have to remember that there are ways to solve this. I may not cover all on this blog (I’ll probably have to write a book) so watch out for my future articles.

How does a mother juggle between personal time where she pursues the things she love doing, a career or a business and running a household?

Time Management Tips for Mothers

Delegate Tasks.

Successful women help out each other. They get each other’s back no matter what. My mom had us when she gave birth to my little brother. When my sister and I were younger, my mom hired a nanny for each of us.

My mother in law got help from her son (my husband), and from her husband as well.

I am now polishing our systems and have started delegating tasks to my other staff and hiring more people who I can train so when the time comes that I’ll focus my time on my child (at least in the first month), I will be a little free-er.

I have seen moms who have toddlers who design activities for their children to keep them occupied, as they run their businesses and work from home.

Delegate small and unimportant tasks to people who can do it.

Yes, the above requires advanced planning and having the money too, so make sure that your finances are in good shape.

Schedule a Time Alone.

For you to fully function, you need to take care of yourself. Allocate time just focusing on yourself (at least an hour) where you can declutter your brain and breathe. Use this time wisely – don’t scroll your social media or watch a TV series. Instead, meditate and focus on yourself. Again, breathe!

Aileen Jizmundo, one of the entrepreneurs I interviewed wakes up at 5 am and allocates a whole hour to herself before waking up her four children and husband, preparing things for them, and going to work.

Learn How to Say a Firm No.

This is not the time to please people. If you can’t do it, simply say no. Say you’re busy because that’s the truth. You are one busy mama who is running an empire.

You have your priorities, and it is crucial to allocate your time to things that matter to you and will get your family ahead.

You can also set boundaries with your children, especially if it is not really necessary. Let them understand at an early age that mommy needs to work or need some alone time so he or she can find other things to do. This will teach them to respect other people’s time too.

Ask for Help.

We are the modern day superwomen, but that does not need proof every time. Everybody knows that.

Your partner and other relatives must understand that for this empire to be successful, you need their help.

Most importantly, don’t ask for help when it’s too late. Instead, ask for help in advance. I knew I’d be needing help later, and guess what, my mother-in-law already volunteered. My husband also has wholeheartedly and genuinely committed that he would do everything to help.

Time management tips for mothers 4

Plan Ahead.

If you know that you are going to be a mother who work from home, while running a business at the same time, list the steps that you will need to do to get their.

Fix your system.

Try this: Record the amount of time you spend doing different activities. Then, at the end of the day, review them and see which one is not worth it, which can be delegated to another person, which one can be done better, etc.

Maximize Your Efforts.

Perhaps you can allocate four hours a week preparing five different meals which you can reheat for the rest of the week?

Or get yourself a dishwasher where you don’t have to spend the time to wash the dishes?

How about going to the market once a week, getting all the things that you need so you don’t have to go back for the rest of the week?

How about getting yourself a coffee machine which can lessen the time making your coffee?

There are many different ways in how little effort can be maximized. Remember to incorporate working hard and working smart in your daily routine.

Mothers who work from home do not have an easy job, but we can make it easier if we focus on what is important. Also, inequality at home can only happen if you allow it to.

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