Work From Home Tips & Tricks

Work From Home Tips & Tricks: How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

How do you stay productive while working from home with so many distractions?

Contrary to common beliefs, working from home isn’t an easy walk in the park.

With remote jobs slowly becoming a trend in many companies, is there a way for employees like you to finish day-to-day work plans at home without feeling drained or distracted? Here are some work-from-home tips you can try to stay focused and productive when working remotely.

What are the essentials when working from home?

Although working anytime and anywhere are two of the greatest perks most remote jobs have, certain factors can make it stressful.

In fact, Eurofound reported that it tends to extend actual working hours and get in the middle of one’s personal and work life. To prevent this from happening to you, check out the WFH essentials I listed below.

Comfortable Workspace

As you know, there are often no specific guidelines on how to work from home. However, having a designated space to get your work done will definitely make you more productive. Staying focused is vital to your productivity, so getting a private and quiet area will keep your work momentum going.

Besides that, there are certain remote tasks you cannot do with glaring background noise. Although some noise-canceling headphones can do the trick, setting up a space solely dedicated to working is more of a long-term solution if you intend to work from home indefinitely.

Stable Internet Speed

It’s a no-brainer that a good internet connection helps you become more productive. Especially if you’re managing a remote team, internet speed will always be crucial in getting any work done on time.

You wouldn’t want your internet suddenly cutting off during a deadline, do you?

Apart from subscribing to a good internet provider, one of the most effective work from home tips is working near your WiFi router.

But if you can, opting for an Ethernet cable setup is more desirable when working at home.

Convenient Phone Apps

Proper communication is a vital aspect of any work environment, more so if you’re working online or managing a team remotely.

In these modern times, applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, or Google Hangouts make giving instructions and asking work-related questions more convenient and efficient.

And with clear communication, did you know that your team’s productivity increases up to 25 percent?

Companies with timely communication plans are reported to have higher task efficacy than those that don’t.

Occasional Online Interactions

Working from home can be heaven for introverted people. However, a few weeks of isolation could get anyone drained and less productive.

Another tip on how to work from home is planning occasional video calls with the remote team.

You can schedule an online lunch date with your colleague, all for the sake of catching up and talking about things other than work.

How to stay motivated when working remotely

Work From Home Tips & Tricks

Pick out an outfit

Some may find this work-from-home tip a bit cheesy, but did you know that dressing casually could actually affect your focus and productivity?

Although it’s common for remote workers to stay in their pajamas all day long while dabbing fingers in their computers, changing your outfit can get you in the right mood to hustle.

Clean your home office

Cleaning your space should always be a top priority, no matter where you work. A clean environment will not only save you from distractions while working from home, but it will also be good for your health.

Decluttering your things early in the morning can also gear you to a brand new workday and get you motivated to work along the way.

Take a break and go outside

No matter how many tasks are stacked up behind you, never forget to take a break. Working from home often makes us feel like we should work more.

But if it’s possible, you should go outside and keep your mind away from work-related problems. Getting sunlight in your skin and inhaling fresh air will do good for your body and mind.

The Bottomline

Working at home can be hard for some people. But if you follow the right work from home tips to stay productive and motivated, rest assured that you’ll get your tasks done in no time.

And even though you’re in the comfort of your home, keep in mind that the right work habits and mindset are still the main fuel of your productivity. 

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