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The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Passion Side Hustles (Part Two): Work on Your Brand

With the limited time that you have, it is impossible to excel at everything. Sure, it can be tempting to say you know all the tasks that come your way, but people will have trouble differentiating you as an expert. 

In this part two of the Ultimate 2021 Guide to Passion Side Hustles, let us talk about the how to’s of a brand. After evaluating the skills you are really good at, it’s time to differentiate your products or services from the rest. 

Keep in mind that this is a passion side-hustle, so let’s say you still have many things going on. 

Maybe you’re working on your 9 – 5 job, or perhaps, you have a household to run. 

Whatever it is that makes you busy, you are working on your passion side hustles, hoping you can earn some extra cash from doing things that you love. 

This passion side hustle might turn into your primary source of income later on. 

An effective brand is a key to success for most passion hustlers out there. This can get you faster to where you want to be. Let’s find out why:

Why Work On Your Personal Branding / Business Branding

To be honest, this is a competitive world. 

If you don’t have an edge against your competitors, you might get lost in all of the noise that will make it harder for you to reach your audiences and make a sale. 

Since we are not talking about a corporation yet, start with your personal branding and make yourself as visible as possible. Highlighting your strengths and the value that you can offer will make you stand out from your competitors. 

Next time your target audience thinks about a specific need, for example, delicious kid cupcakes for parties, you will be the first person in their mind to contact. 


This is how people perceive you and your business. All the things that you do and don’t do will affect your business. 

Branding is more than just having a logo or a website. 

A brand tells about your integrity and the quality you offer. 

Tips on How to Build Your Passion Side Hustle Branding

You cannot assume people can guess that you are offering a specific product or service if you are not taking any actions in building your brand. Here are some tips on where to start building your Passion Side Hustle Branding:

  1. Start with Your Business Name – It should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. It should not be picked randomly. Instead, it must have a connection to what you are trying to offer. If you are selling cupcakes? You can start by naming it Shiela’s Cupcakes. Pair with a recognizable logo too! 
  2. Build Your Online Presence – Marketing your brand is now absolutely free! You can make use of social media tools where your target audiences are hanging out. You may feature your past creations or your portfolio. Provide tips and values so they can see how you are an expert in this field. If you want to look more professional, work on a website too. Having a website will have clients take your passion side hustles more seriously. 
  3. Join networking events – if bazaars are being organized in your community, sign up and meet people. You may offer them a free taste of your product, and if they like it, jackpot! Get their orders right away. Prepare an elevator speech and hand out your business card next time you meet a friend or an acquaintance for coffee. Also, ask them for referrals and recommendations. 

In starting a business, remember that you cannot please everybody every time. Thus, by narrowing your niche and working on your brand, you will be effectively pointed to people you can serve better, even if it’s just part-time. 

(This is part 2 of our ultimate guide to passion side hustles. Stay tuned for part 3!)

Here’s how Passion Hustles can help you?

Finding a mentor or a coach is one of the most effective ways in starting a business or a passion side hustle. I can help you with coaching you with the transition – from As to Zs.

Check out the below and let’s discuss!

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